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by Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Show Notes

1:15 – (First Question) – A look at his day job on the
discover team

            2:20 – 40
problems doc

4:27 – How companies get on the list and the turnover

5:21 – Hardest problem they are looking at…housing

11:37 – The investment component that fixes housing

15:35 – Where we are in the technology cycle in the view of
abundance vs scarcity

20:54 – Change in distribution and the business vs utility
business idea.

28:40 – Bifurcation of small and larger businesses

32:48 – New forms of scarcity today

38:31 – The trend of massive company incumbency

41:07 – The utility of bubbles

49:08 – His favorite bubble

51:18 – Challenges and nuances of bubbles

            53:35 – Zero
to One Notes on Start-Ups, or How to Build the Future

1:02:22 – Future for VC funding in Silicon Valley

1:04:07 – Advice for business builders

            1:08:23 – The Three True

1:13:04 – His background in biology and innovation in that
space that is coming

1:19:46 – Company examples that are of interest to him and
that encapsulate his way of investing

1:24:56 – Kindest thing anyone has done for Alex

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