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by Patrick O’Shaughnessy

My guest today is Ben Savage, a partner at Clocktower ventures.
Ben is focused on financial technology, fintech, investing which is the topic
of our conversation.

I’ve been making the fintech is rounds of late, and plan on making a few of
these conversations public. Ben is the first in what may be a mini-series
because of the sheer amount I learned in our discussion.

We cover all aspects of the fintech ecosystem. I hope you enjoy.

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Show Notes

1:15 (First Question) – The market portfolio and how
technology will move us away from liquid markets

7:24 – Businesses that are making assets that weren’t
investable, investable

            9:11 – Ryan Caldbeck Podcast Episode

12:03 – Most interesting places where technology is creating
investment opportunities

18:33 – Assets that are likely to tap into new sources of

23:46 – How well are investors prepared for the changes that
are coming

28:35 – Trends in asset management with technology

33:05 – View on cryptocurrency and blockchain

36:45 – Places where startups can reduce costs/fees and
create efficiencies

40:17 – Views on private equity markets and their future

45:40 – Privilege of access problem

48:50 – Verticals in fintech that are interesting to him

59:53 – The importance of focus and niche

1:02:26 – Kindest thing anyone has done for Ben

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