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by Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Show Notes

0:00 – (First Question) – Summarizing his collection of
interests that led to his three books

1:48 – Biggest questions in AI

2:32 – Defining AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and
its history

            4:07 – Computing
Machinery and Intelligence

6:43 – The idea of the most human human

8:48 – Tactics that have changed the most in learning to be
the most human human

14:59 –Tests for measuring AGI and updates made to them

19:01 – Concerns for once we have AGI

24:55 – Self-awareness as a threshold for AGI

30:47 – Skeptics’ take on AGI

36:03 – Advice for people building careers and how AGI will
impact work

            36:21 –
Rise of the Machines and Robots

37:05 – Explore/Exploit trade off

43:46 – How explore/exploit applies to business concepts

47:55 – Impacts of AGI on the economy

51:29 – Highlights from his second book

56:28 – Kindest thing anyone has done for Brian

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