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by Patrick O’Shaughnessy

My guest this week is Daniel Ek, the founder and CEO of Spotify.

In my conversations with Daniel, I’ve found him to be one of the most
interesting and thoughtful business leaders in the world. You’ll see what I
mean as you listen to our conversation.

We talk about Spotify plenty, but what I so enjoy about Daniel is his way of
thinking in systems and frameworks. He is committed to evolution, innovation,
and growth for both himself and for Spotify and is on my short list of CEOs to

This was one of my favorite conversations on the podcast, I hope you enjoy

Show Notes

1:21 – (first question) – Management lessons from a Dubai chocolate maker

4:54 – Trends shaping the business landscape today: globalization,
automation, and digitation

7:51 – How he thinks about the vertical integration of his business and

10:37 – Are companies doing a good job adjusting to the changes in the
global business landscape

14:44 – How does Spotify view scale moving forward

17:59 – What trends has he seen among creators as a result of the Spotify

20:32 – The community benefit that has been created by the platform

23:47 – Intimacy of audio

25:31 – Creating an environment that continues to spur innovation

29:12 – Star vs constellation business strategy

32:21 – Measuring network health

35:12 – Spotify Originals and what his competition in the video market is

39:36 – How podcasts play into the growth strategy

43:04 – How did he solve the problem of competing with free

47:21 – Is their strategy repeatable, going after fractured suppliers

49:02 – Role of the CEO in a startup

51:22 – Others who have taught him great business lessons

53:18 – Kindest thing anyone has done for Daniel

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