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by Patrick O’Shaughnessy

My guest this week is Joe McLean, the founder of Intersect
Capital, which provides financial advisory services to a variety of clients,
including a number of NBA players and other professional athletes.

What I loved about this conversation was the weaving of
sport, coaching, and finance into a cohesive whole. There’s so much to take
from this discussion—from the importance of service and low self-orientation,
to the impact of strict standards for who you work with, to common mistakes we
all tend to make with money.

Please enjoy my conversation with Joe McLean.

Show Notes

1:18 – (First Question) – His backstory and the combination
of athleticism and finance

2:43 – His time in Ireland

3:29 – Moving away from basketball and into finance

6:08 – What the Intersect business is today and his early

7:55 – Most important coach/mentor

8:59 – Where the name Intersect came from

10:22 – Setting high standards early on

12:35 – Biggest mistakes he saw in his early clients

14:04 – Developing his value proposition to clients

14:24 – Michael Kitces Podcast Episode

16:57 – Process when he’s working with a client signing a
new athletic contract

19:53 – The concept of a Pro’s Pro and Top
50 Reasons Professional Athletes Remain Wealthy

22:40 – Managing clients’ interest in creating businesses
off their brand

24:20 – The role media plays in athletes’ long-term

25:40 – Getting early clients into compliance with his

28:24 – Daily maintenance role he plays with clients

32:24 – What has impressed him most from his young clients

33:36 – What makes for a great coach

34:50 – The meaning of “all in” to Joe

35:54 – His assessment of the financial services industry

37:32 – Where his value in service came from

39:05 – Longer term vision for his business

40:33 – Unique ways he finds himself helping his clients

43:49 – Watching his client’s mentor the next generation

45:10 – Historical players and teams he personally admires

46:22 – Athletes and venture capital investing

47:38 – Who makes up his trust network

49:09 – What he’s most excited about for the future of the

49:46 – Kindest thing anyone has done for Joe

50:24 – Biggest impact a coach had on his life

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