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by Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Show Notes

0:00 – (First Question) – Their interest in apartments and
mobile homes as investments

1:29 – The returns spectrum for different classes of real

3:01 – His early entrepreneurial ventures and the start of

6:42 – Don’t be afraid of negotiating

7:30 – Going through early deals in real estate

10:54 – How he determines when it’s time to sell a property

13:10 – How do they think about taxes in their investment

15:54 – Depreciation strategies in real estate investing

17:24 – The evolution of the types of real estate properties
they’ve invested in

20:38 – Most important factors when evaluating a building to
invest in

22:47 – Barriers to entry

24:38 – Changes in his cost of capital

27:47 – Cost of debt and deciding how much to put into a

29:29 – A look at the competition

33:48 – Effective marketing strategies

36:04 – How demographics impact their strategies

38:08 – The co-living space

39:30 – Cloud kitchens and how he would invest in these

45:07 – How autonomous vehicles will impact real estate

46:49 – Pros and cons of developing new properties vs buying
existing ones

48:56 – Early stage investing interest

52:45 – Favorite business/entrepreneur story

54:06 – Advice for younger entrepreneurs

56:08 – Kindest thing anyone has done for Keith

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