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by Patrick O’Shaughnessy

My guest today is Matt Clifford. He’s the cofounder of entrepreneur first, the world’s leading talent investor. They invest “pre-company” by helping the best people in cities around the world find a cofounder, develop an idea, and start a company. So far, they’ve helped 1000 people start 200 companies worth a combined $1.5B. This conversation covers their entire ecosystem and holds lessons for anyone building a business. I especially loved Matt’s ideas on the history of ambition.

Show Notes

1:20 – (First Question) – An overview on talent investing

4:37 – The history of ambition

10:08 – How do they search for ambitious people

12:21 – What happens early on for these formed teams

17:43 – Assigning an idea to a talented team

20:52 – Opportunities in deep technology

27:16 – Closer look at the hardware and machinery of the
deep technology changes

30:54 – The geographical focus of venture capital

37:16 – Problems with the way early stage investment world

41:22 – People who are creating value in a management
company and how they manage their investments

55:12 – Advice to people creating investment companies and
pricing power

1:00:31 – The power of cities

1:02:46 – Topics they cover in their newsletter;
technological sovereignty as one example

1:04:11 – Experience and thoughts on China

            1:06:51 – A.I.

1:12:03 – Kindest thing anyone has done for Matt

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