About the Talk:
Sanjay Bakshi’s talk will deal with select prejudices of Mr. Market in pricing of moated businesses. Illustrating each specific prejudice with an example, Sanjay will show how the stock market is deeply prejudiced in pricing moated businesses and that exploiting those prejudices – especially when they combine – has helped him in his investing process.

About the Author
Sanjay Bakshi is Adjunct Professor at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, where he teaches MBA students a popular course titled “Behavioral Finance & Business Valuation (BFBV)”. He is also the author of the blog “Fundoo Professor” (https://fundooprofessor.wordpress.com ), where has written extensively about identifying durable competitive advantages in a business, and investment psychology. Sanjay is also the Managing Partner at ValueQuest Capital LLP.


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