Is Fitbit (Ticker: FIT) undervalued, overvalued, or fairly valued at the current price of ~$6 per share? See what I think in this video! Also, apologies in advance as my cursor is not displaying on the screen in this video. I’ll be sure to fix this bug in the next video.

Speaking of next videos, this is the first of two videos on FIT. In my next video, I’ll explain why I think FIT is a “prime” acquisition target for Amazon (pun intended) and a strategically smart one for Google. I’ll also discuss Citron Research’s take on FIT and why I agree with their reasoning. Be sure to follow my channel to be notified when I publish that video.

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Now, as Phil Town always says, go play!

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and am certainly not your advisor. This video should be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. I do not warrant the accuracy or reliability of any data presented in this video.


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