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by Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Show Notes

0:00 – (First Question) – How does he think about optimizing risk in terms of the capital stack when looking at deals

3:25 – What conditions would they add debt down the road after investing in a company

4:50 – What business sectors are most intriguing for Morgan to invest in right now

4:55 – Trent Griffin Podcast

7:32 – Why no HVAC businesses if it’s such an attractive sector

11:54 – thoughts on rolling up similar businesses and horizontal scale

14:02 – Another industry Brent would focus on

16:00 – Difference between property management in larger cities vs smaller metro areas

16:49 – What role does profit margin play when Brent is evaluating a business

20:44 – The appeal of a hyper cyclical business

20:50 – Brent Beshore Podcast Episode

25:25 – Favorite counter cyclical business

26:12 – How they judge assets, tangible vs intangible assets

31:56 – How does he think about wage inflation when considering the cost of a business

35:19 – His fascination with pet crematoriums

36:55 – History of the permanent equity fund and the changes by having a larger pool of capital

41:46 – Pitching investors on a new structure for the business

44:12 – How will this business model scale


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